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Your Visa card to beep at each purchase

by Viktoria Dijakovic | Dec 12, 2017

sound_smallDon’t you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the beeping, ringing, chirping or what have you of modern life? In our day and age everything seems to want to grab our attention: from fridges that beep when open too long, to pre-heated ovens; from dishwashers that have finished their cycle to cars that send out excruciating sounds when close to an obstacle only to complicate the already challenging parallel parking maneuvers. But apparently it’s not enough. Indeed, Visa announced it will integrate a “signature sound” that will trigger each time a payment is made.

The marketing team defines this as “sensory branding” to allow customers to immediately recognize Visa - in case you might have forgotten which card you selected from your wallet. Visa believes that its sound will make consumers feel “reassured” by the brand while shopping.

Lynne Biggar, Visa marketing chief, explains this for the Telegraph: “as new payment experiences continue to take shape in the world, this suite of sensory branding elements will give consumers the assurances we know they want every time they use Visa”.

The new chiming will be launched just before the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. But are we all ready to have yet another sound added to an already saturated array of acoustic signals? As far as I’m concerned, I prefer the beep-less action of paying in cash.

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