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US burger joint Shake Shack will resume its cash-acceptance policy after a failed attempt to go cashfree.
by Viktoria Dijakovic | May 17, 2018

Is "social inclusion" truly the main driver for cashless?

Rwanda is pushing for a cashless society on the grounds that it contributes to financial inclusion. But with a country that is predominantly cash-based - and with everyone having access to hard currency - what more is there to include?
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Nov 29, 2017

Happy Cash Photo Competition : over 1,000 entries and 10 days to go.

The collection of pictures offers a unique journey in the world of cash and illustrates the numerous social, economic and artistic attributes of cash.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Oct 17, 2017

Mersch: Why Europe still needs cash

Yves Mersch, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB highlights the risks associated with a cashless society.
by Yves Mersch | Jun 05, 2017

Five myths on financial inclusion

Worldwide, over two billion people are unbanked. In Europe, 139 million people are financially excluded and rely on cash for their daily purchases.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Dec 19, 2016

Faster, cheaper, safer

The Rio Olympics will be showcasing some new fancy payment devices. But will they replace cash?
by Guillaume Lepecq | Aug 05, 2016

International travel is an important driver for cash demand

International travel is a large and growing market. It is cash intensive.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jun 06, 2016

New Money vs. Modern Money

Cash is - more than ever - young and vibrant with over 1 million responses in the US to choose the face of the new $20 and 30,000 in the UK for the new £20.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Apr 27, 2016

Welcome to Cash Essentials

Discover the new platform designed to offer an unbiased source of information and a forum for debate on the future of cash!
by Guillaume Lepecq | Apr 07, 2016

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