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Unchaining cash

Governments are taking measures to safeguard cash and strengthen the cash cycle realizing the vital role it plays in society.
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Jun 22, 2018

Estonia pushing digital, but cash on the rise

ATMs are being shut down in Estonia. Banks claim it's because cash withdrawals volumes have dropped, yet, the total value of withdrawn cash has been consistently rising since 2010.
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Apr 27, 2018

Zooming out against criminality

Restrictions on cash usage have done little to reduce criminality except push the problem elsewhere. A more holistic approach is necessary if the goal is to deter funding of illicit activities.
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Mar 23, 2018

Why so eager for cashless?

Nigeria's central bank was extremely close to imposing fees on cash withdrawals and deposits in 2017, but quickly retracted. The question is, why impose policies that are detrimental to the wellbeing of citizens?
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Mar 12, 2018

Germans’ love of cash: obsession or pragmatism?

Germans' love for cash might as well be linked to their pragmatism and not at all to nostalgia.
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Feb 13, 2018

Fall of cryptocurrencies, rise of e-fiat currency?

What future for cryptocurrencies if central banks launch their own national digital currencies?
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Jan 19, 2018

Anonymity is a cherished quality

Central banks must not ignore cash's capacity to protect people's privacy and anonymity and this should become a key topic of discussion for any future debates about an all-digital central bank-issued currency.
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Dec 06, 2017

6 months ago, the ECB dropped the €500. So what ?

Six months after the ECB decision to stop issuing €500 notes, how has demand for the euro and for the €500 evolved ?
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jan 09, 2017

Negative Interest Rates: have we reached the Tipping Point ?

Are we seeing weak signals that negative intetests rates have reached the tipping pont where they could be passed on to consumers?
by Guillaume Lepecq | Aug 23, 2016

The death of a payment instrument

Payment instruments disappear. And this has far-reaching implications.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Aug 01, 2016

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