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Demonetization Fosters Financial Exclusion

Aid agencies, governments, and philanthrocapitalist donors are inadvertently supporting financial exclusion of the poorest in society by preventing them from using their preferred, and often only, means of payment … cash.
by James Shepherd-Barron | May 14, 2018

From globalization to fragmentation: pixelating payments

Are cryptocurrencies part of the greater trend of society's fragmentation?
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Jan 31, 2018

Slashing interchange fees: another defeat for UK’s poor

Lowering interchange fees could be disastrous for rural communities in the UK, already hit hard by bank closures.
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Dec 20, 2017

Your Visa card to beep at each purchase

Visa will soon be implementing beeping sounds for all your purchases. It is called "sensory branding" and it is meant to give customers a feel reassurance when making purchases. But do we really need another sound in our already sensory-overloaded world?
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Dec 12, 2017

The International Cash Conference – Key Take-Aways

The Deutsche Bundesbank hosted its third Cash Conference from 25-27 April, gathering experts – from academia, public authorities (including central banks), special interest groups and the private sector.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jun 11, 2017

And here we go again!

The European Commission proposes to introduce EU-wide restrictions on cash payments.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Mar 06, 2017

Will another high denomination bite the dust ?

In 2016, several high-denomination notes were withdrawn from circulation around the world. Other countries could follow.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jan 13, 2017

India: more notes returned than expected and digital payments decline in value

The value of notes returned following the demonetisation in India is higher than expected. Moreover, digital payments declined in value.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jan 06, 2017

Three questions about cash restrictions

There is little or no evidence that restricting cash payments contributes to curb tax evasion or money laundering. And these measures could also have a negative impact on consumption.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jul 11, 2016

The €500 is dead. Long live the €500!

On May 5, the ECB decided to discontinue the production and issuance of the €500 banknote, after. a series of criticisms targeting the €500 and high-denomination notes more generally. The same critics are pursuing their claims and are now calling for the further elimination of high-denomination notes. Unfortunately, they are forgetting three things.
by Guillaume Lepecq | May 14, 2016

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