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Money is more than the oil in our economy. It also serves as the glue in our society

The end of cash would have negative consequences on the relationship between citizens and government and between citizens and those entities who will be issuing and managing the new money systems.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Nov 01, 2017

Happy Cash Photo Competition : over 1,000 entries and 10 days to go.

The collection of pictures offers a unique journey in the world of cash and illustrates the numerous social, economic and artistic attributes of cash.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Oct 17, 2017

US Federal Reserve to digitize cash logistics

The Federal Reserve Banks will adopt global standards for supply chain logistics and package tracking to ensure that depository institutions have sufficient supplies of currency and coin to meet public demand.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Sep 29, 2017

A year of cash innovation

Reviewing a year of innovation in the cash cycle.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Sep 01, 2017

OECD Approves Cash-Based Response in Practical Guide for Humanitarian Professionals

As cash gets more and more attention from international humanitarian agencies, the OECD has decided to put its stamp of approval on the innovative form of assistance by publishing a guide on cash-based humanitarian response planning.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Aug 25, 2017

About ‘The Macroeconomics of De-Cashing’ 2/2

“Cash has been created as the historically most convenient form of money, and carrying cash in the wallet is often perceived as a fundamental human right.” writes Alexei Kireyev. He adds that "de-cashing should not be lead by the public sector."
by Guillaume Lepecq | Aug 11, 2017

The Future of Cash: An Asian Perspective

“The Future of Cash: An Asian Perspective ”, a new report by AGIS Consulting, provides unique analysis of a diverse group of Asian countries—, Hong Kong, Indonesia the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand—this paper looks at the complex ecosystem of stakeholders involved in the issuing and circulation of cash across these growing societies. The report finds that innovation and cooperation between the private actors and public authorities are fuelling the circulation of cash in a continent that will soon be the epicentre of the world economy.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Aug 07, 2017

Three reasons why banks should embrace cash

Cash sets a floor to negetive interest rates. Without cash, central banks could provide digital currencies to the public and compete with retail banks. Consumers actually want it.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jul 28, 2017

Out of the box: digital to cash

Need cash but don't have time to walk to the nearest ATM? No worries, the Sonect app can easily show you which shops in your immediate vicinity can give you cash by simply using your smartphone!
by Viktoria Dijakovic | Jul 20, 2017

Privatisation of cash is not the ‘pro-poor’ solution it pretends to be

The payments industry has cleverly used the aid sector as a ruse, a Homeric ‘Trojan Horse’, to gain access to key governmental decision-makers around the world whom they would otherwise find difficult to reach. These contacts have been ruthlessly exploited to pursue their global ambition of a cashless society.
by James Shepherd-Barron | Jul 17, 2017

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