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Paying cash online? Yes we can!

Three reasons why cash is used extensively for online payments.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Mar 24, 2017

And here we go again!

The European Commission proposes to introduce EU-wide restrictions on cash payments.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Mar 06, 2017

The Red Cross makes a case for cash

In many cases, the simple act of giving money — instead of only material goods — may be the most efficient and effective way to give people the buying power they need to direct their own recovery.
by Nick Jones | Feb 17, 2017

India's cashless dreams are a little problematic. Here are the reasons

While digital payments can be encouraged, they should not aim to make cash redundant. There is huge merit in having cash as a viable option for payments.
by Anupam Manur | Feb 03, 2017

ATMIA announces Withdraw Cash Wednesday campaign

ATMIA announces Withdraw Cash Wednesday campaign to promote consumer use during holiday shopping season.
by ATMIA | Jan 27, 2017

The European Cash Management Companies’ Association (ESTA) responds to the European Payments Council

ESTA agrees with the EPC that the cost of cash can and should be reduced but reducing the volume of cash in circulation is not the answer.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jan 20, 2017

Why digital can't replace cash

The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) concludes that cash has a number of advantages which cannot be matched by any electronic payment method, at least for the time being. Those features explain in large part why cash is still widely used by consumers. They also underline why the idea of a cashless society should be buried.
by Farid Aliyev, Senior Financial Services Officer, BEUC | Jan 17, 2017

Will another high denomination bite the dust ?

In 2016, several high-denomination notes were withdrawn from circulation around the world. Other countries could follow.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jan 13, 2017

6 months ago, the ECB dropped the €500. So what ?

Six months after the ECB decision to stop issuing €500 notes, how has demand for the euro and for the €500 evolved ?
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jan 09, 2017

India: more notes returned than expected and digital payments decline in value

The value of notes returned following the demonetisation in India is higher than expected. Moreover, digital payments declined in value.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jan 06, 2017

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