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Five myths on financial inclusion

Worldwide, over two billion people are unbanked. In Europe, 139 million people are financially excluded and rely on cash for their daily purchases.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Dec 19, 2016

When cash enables democracy

Voters in the French primary were required to pay €2 in cash. La Poste earned a commission of €750,000 to process the coins.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Dec 02, 2016

Addicted to Mobiles, Except for Payments

Mobile usage is soaring, yet they are hardly ever used to make payments.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Nov 11, 2016

The Blessing of Cash

Cash is a blessing not a curse.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Sep 27, 2016

Cash is at the heart of Fintech

5 cash management solution providers ranked amongst the top 25 FinTech companies
by Guillaume Lepecq | Sep 09, 2016

Negative Interest Rates: have we reached the Tipping Point ?

Are we seeing weak signals that negative intetests rates have reached the tipping pont where they could be passed on to consumers?
by Guillaume Lepecq | Aug 23, 2016

Faster, cheaper, safer

The Rio Olympics will be showcasing some new fancy payment devices. But will they replace cash?
by Guillaume Lepecq | Aug 05, 2016

The death of a payment instrument

Payment instruments disappear. And this has far-reaching implications.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Aug 01, 2016

Three questions about cash restrictions

There is little or no evidence that restricting cash payments contributes to curb tax evasion or money laundering. And these measures could also have a negative impact on consumption.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jul 11, 2016

International travel is an important driver for cash demand

International travel is a large and growing market. It is cash intensive.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Jun 06, 2016

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