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Mobile payments will change the way we access cash

Many observers and payments experts have viewed mobile payments as the silver bullet to replace cash. Mobile handsets have become ubiquitous; the growth of m-commerce creates a natural market for m-payments; the handset can become a natural link between the physical and digital worlds. There are nonetheless several reasons why they are unlikely to replace cash.
by Guillaume Lepecq | May 30, 2016

The €500 is dead. Long live the €500!

On May 5, the ECB decided to discontinue the production and issuance of the €500 banknote, after. a series of criticisms targeting the €500 and high-denomination notes more generally. The same critics are pursuing their claims and are now calling for the further elimination of high-denomination notes. Unfortunately, they are forgetting three things.
by Guillaume Lepecq | May 14, 2016

Even in the promised land of digital money, cash stays king

Cash use in Africa is increasing and is contributing to economic growth. The universality of cash makes it accessible and easy-to-use by all.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Apr 29, 2016

New Money vs. Modern Money

Cash is - more than ever - young and vibrant with over 1 million responses in the US to choose the face of the new $20 and 30,000 in the UK for the new £20.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Apr 27, 2016

Will bakers replace bankers?

New app enables customers to open an account with their local shop.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Apr 22, 2016

I use cash, and I’m not a criminal

Politicians' argument against cash payments is flawed and will not prevent crime or the financing of terrorist groups.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Apr 18, 2016

Cash is Critical

Personal and national security would be imperiled by a cashless society.
by Guillaume Lepecq | Apr 14, 2016

Welcome to Cash Essentials

Discover the new platform designed to offer an unbiased source of information and a forum for debate on the future of cash!
by Guillaume Lepecq | Apr 07, 2016

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