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The CashEssentials case studies portal provides original research carried out or reviewed by the CashEssentials editorial team. 

Topics cover a variety subjects including country case studies or general payments related developments. Registered readers will have access to all original content and are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions on current or future topics.

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Struggle for limiting the use of cash in Israel steps up

Dec 18, 2017
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  • Cash is the first step of financial inclusion
  • Cash connects people

Cash Limitations and Deterioration of Banking Service in Israel

Former Director of the Currency Department of the Bank of Israel, Mordechai Fein, analyses the growing debate in Israel about cash restrictions and the growing controversy linked to the closure of commercial banks.
Oct 25, 2017

The Future of Cash: An Asian Perspective

Cash is trust
“The Future of Cash: An Asian Perspective ”, a new report by AGIS Consulting, provides unique analysis of a diverse group of Asian countries—, Hong Kong, Indonesia the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand—this paper looks at the complex ecosystem of stakeholders involved in the issuing and circulation of cash across these growing societies. The report finds that innovation and cooperation between the private actors and public authorities are fuelling the circulation of cash in a continent that will soon be the epicentre of the world economy.
Aug 07, 2017
  • Costs of cash versus costs of electronic payment instruments
  • Cash is efficient

Cash and Card Usage by the Public and Merchants

Cash is cheaper than cards for merchants and it also contributes to society thanks to the tax commercial banks are subject to for using it: seignorage.
Aug 07, 2017
  • Cash is efficient
  • Costs of cash versus costs of electronic payment instruments

The Hidden Costs of Cards

There are more costs associated to the cost of cards then is usually unveiled. This report explores those costs and compares them to the cost of cash.
Dec 14, 2016
  • Cash is trust

Limitations on the use of cash: The Israeli case

Former Director of the Currency Department of the Bank of Israel, Mordechai Fein, looks into Israel's decision to impose cash use restrictions and explores its implications.
Nov 23, 2016
  • Cash is trust

Cash: Down but not Out

Mordechai Fein, former Director of the Currency Department at the Bank of Israel, discusses the dangers of imposing restrictions on cash usage and the need for true empirical evidence to support any such legislation - something that is not the case today.
Jun 30, 2016
  • Cash is trust

Cash is King - The Digital Revolution: The Future of Cash - Cambridge Security Initiative

The Cambridge Security Initiative (CSi) has published a public interest papers on the future of cash in the domestic and international economy. The lead writer is Dr Alfred Rolington, a CSi fellow and an acknowledged leader in the fields of cyber security and economic security. His stimulating journey through the history of cash and its role in current financial transactions compared to other forms of payments leads him to the view that the dire predictions of the imminent death of cash as a means of exchange are wildly exaggerated.
May 15, 2016

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The Hidden Costs of Cards

Dec 14, 2016