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  • Cash is a symbol of national sovereignty
  • Cash connects people

Kenya’s Central Bank could be charged if shilling not replaced

The Central Bank of Kenya could be charged if it doesn't act quickly on the change in constitution: none of the country's notes and coins should carry illustrations of individuals.
Sep 20, 2017
  • Cash does not require a technology infrastructure
  • Cash is universal

Strong controversy around Australian welfare cashless card

There is huge controversy around the cashless welfare card in Australia which cannot be used in cheaper stores not to settle transportation fares of school lunches.
Sep 19, 2017
  • Cash generates security
  • Cash is trust

Cash as a tool to build trust

Yves Mersch, member of the ECB, warns against a hasty adoption of digital payments by banks and reminds us that 80% of transactions in the EU are still made in cash.
Sep 18, 2017
  • Cash contributes to education
  • Cash connects people

Brand Currency exhibition: a new look at banknotes

Jade Dalloul, a French graphic and motion designer, designed a series of banknotes as if they were printed by large corporations. The end result is an entertaining and colourful series that follows the main guidelines of banknote design.
Sep 15, 2017
  • Cash is the first step of financial inclusion
  • Cash contributes to education
  • Cash connects people

Cash connects people

Cash might be a symbol of national sovereignty, but it goes beyond that. It's an important tool for social inclusion, for education and is essential for places struck by a crisis.
Sep 13, 2017
  • Cash is a public good
  • Cash is trust

Was the Indian demonetization just a rip-off?

New figures released by the Reserve Bank of India are showing that the overnight demonitisation carried out last November in India didn't in fact catch criminals nor the expected money from the black market.
Sep 12, 2017
  • Cash protects privacy and anonymity
  • Cash is trust

Half of companies fail to ensure data privacy

A recently conducted Verizon study found that almost half of the companies that have a presence in Europe fail to comply with the new European General Data Protection Regulation, leaving consumers vulnerable to data breaches.
Sep 11, 2017
  • Cash is trust

Venezuela faces terrible cash shortage

The Venezuelan crisis results in an unprecedented scarcity of cash, forcing banks to impose absurd cash withdrawal restrictions as ATMs remains empty.
Sep 07, 2017
  • Costs of cash versus costs of electronic payment instruments
  • Cash is efficient

Cash is efficient

Cash allows users to track their spending real-time but it also frees merchants from unnecessary interchange fees.
Sep 06, 2017
  • Cash covers a broad range of transactions
  • Cash is universal

Australians prefer cash despite growing payment options

Tap-and-go payments are quite popular in Australia, but cash plays a key role in the country, particularly for low value transactions.
Sep 05, 2017

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Cash connects people

Sep 13, 2017