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U.S. Capital Standing up for Unbanked

by Communication Team | Jun 28, 2018

cash payments protection, Washington D.C., passing a bill in D.C.In a move to prevent the current cashless trend, Washington D.C. wants to pass a bill that would require restaurants to accept cash.

The bill, introduced by Councilman David Grosso, is particularly focused on 10% of the U.S. capital’s population that is unbanked, in addition to taking into consideration youth that are generally not in possession of credit or debit cards.

Sweetgreen, a salad chain, was the first restaurant to refuse cash payments back in March 2017, triggering a series of other establishments to follow suit. Restaurant owners defend their decision by stating that doing away with cash protects them from robberies while allowing them to serve their customers more efficiently.

Should the bill pass, it would also prevent food chains from practicing different pricing schemes according to the customer’s preferred payment method.

To read the proposed bill, please click here.

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