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State of the World’s Cash Report

by Communication Team | Feb 08, 2018

Aiding_others_smallThe Cash Learning Partnership, a global network of humanitarian actors engaged in cash transfer programming (CTP), published the first State of the World’s Cash Report dedicated to: informing and reviewing progress made in delivering the Grand Bargain – a commitment by 22 countries and 31 organizations to increase CTP - describing the barriers to CTP implementation and listing which measures can be implemented to overcome them.

The existence of this report sends a clear message to the world about the benefits of cash-based aid in crisis situations. In 2016 alone, it is estimated that $2.8 billion were provided in cash and vouchers as an alternative to traditional humanitarian assistance, but this amount is still only a fraction of what is channeled each year. Indeed, it represents only 10% of the world’s total humanitarian assistance.

CTP has been going through a slow but progressive evolution as it has had to face resistance from numerous actors – both from donors and aid providers – but thanks to the results that have been achieved over time, a major shift in mentality is being recorded.

The Report lists six objectives that are designed to help improve and scale of CTP across aid missions around the globe.

To read the full report, please click here

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