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  • Cash is also a store of value
  • Cash is universal

High-denomination Banknotes in Circulation: A Cross-country Analysis

The Reserve Bank of Australia's March 2018 Bulletin tackles the issue of growing demand for high denomination banknotes in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.
Apr 13, 2018
  • Cash is also a store of value
  • Cash is universal

BIS report shows cash going strong

The BIS quarterly review shows that cash in circulation has grown from 7% of GDP in 2000 to 9% in 2016.
Mar 16, 2018
  • Cash is available to all users
  • Cash is universal

State of the World’s Cash Report

The first State of the World's Cash Report was published by the Cash Learning Partnership listing the steps to take to achieve an effective Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) - an extremely effective aid measure that is being adopted worldwide.
Feb 08, 2018
  • Cash generates security
  • Cash is trust

Report on the debate regarding EU cash payment limitations

Nikos Passas offers an in-depth analysis about the weaknesses of the EU's Inception Impact Assessment for the limitation of cash payments.
Feb 07, 2018
  • Cash generates security
  • Cash is trust

Sex, drugs, and bitcoin: How much illegal activity is financed through cryptocurrencies

The new study released by Foley, Karlsen and Putnins analyses bitcoin users' behavior to better understand the role that illicit activities play in the world of digital currencies.
Jan 25, 2018
  • Cash is available to all users
  • Cash does not require a technology infrastructure

Demonetisation, Social Networks and Social Protection: Insights from Rural Tamil Nadu

Demonetisation has not fought, but has largely strengthened the informal economy. It has also probably further marginalised those without supportive networks. With cashless policies flourishing in various parts of the world, these findings have major implications, seriously questioning their merit, especially among the most marginalised segments of the population.
Jan 22, 2018
  • Cash is also a store of value
  • Cash is available to all users

Denmark is not heading for a cashless society

The Danish Central Bank has conducted a survey of the payment behaviour of Danish households in the Spring of 2017. The findings were published in December in 2017. The report concludes that while cash usage is declining and is expected to continue to do so in the future, Denmark is not becoming cashless and Danes will be able to use and hold cash in the future.
Jan 05, 2018
  • Cash is the most widely used product
  • Cash connects people

79% of euro-area POS transactions are in cash

The majority of transactions are carried out in cash in the EU, an ECB study finds, accounting for over half of all transactions in terms of value. Cards are the second-most used payment method, but reach only 19% of transactions for a total value of 39%.
Dec 05, 2017

Call for papers

Economists, researchers, academics as well as public authorities including central banks and market participants are all invited to participate in the CashEssentials research project.
Nov 30, 2017
  • Cash is also a store of value
  • Cash covers a broad range of transactions

Reserve Bank of Australia analyses cash demand

The paper attempts to reconcile the apparent contradiction between growing cash in circulation on the one hand and the decling relative share of payments made in cash on the other.
Nov 06, 2017

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