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7 days to “Cash me if you can”

November 21, 2018
Published in : Cash, Photo contest
CashEssentials and Wipplay welcome you to test your skills and impress everyone with your unique vision of cash until November 28th.
Communication Team

Time is ticking to submit your entries for the CashEssentials “Cash me if you can” photo contest! Launched on September 19th in collaboration with Wipplay, you will need to think of a way to present one of our most discreet, everyday companions: cash.

Loads of stunning snapshots have already been submitted. Take your chance and share your unique perspective on cash’s role today. Submission are accepted until November 28th.

Our experts are looking forward to seeing your creative works. The top three photos will get the jury prize, and three others will be selected by the public. And don’t forget, the 27 best authors will be chosen for a number of exhibits next year.

Gather your thoughts, get inspired, participate and vote for your favorite photos. 7 days to conquer the world with cash!

Photo credit: courtesy of Jmr submitted to Wipplay.