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Cash payments generate more business for Uber in Africa

Categories : Cash is universal
June 9, 2016
Published in : Africa, Alternative modes/methods of payment, Cash substitution, Mobile Payments, Universality
In Africa, Uber drivers accept cash alongside digital payments. In Kenya, home of M-Pesa, cash acceptance has led to a threefold increase in revenue.
Guillaume Lepecq

As it launches operations throughout Africa, in South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Morocco and Egypt, Uber has adapted its business model and allows its drivers to accept cash along with digital payments.

In Kenya, the acceptance of cash has led to a threefold increase in Uber usage, despite the fact that it is the country with the highest mobile payment penetration in the world, with M-Pesa. According to Uber, “distrust of e-commerce” is the main reason why customers prefer using cash.

In the US, following a class-action settlement in California and Massachusetts, Uber was forced to change its tipping policies. Uber is now required to clearly state that tips are not part of any transaction and drivers are allowed to ask for them in cash.

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