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Mall of Africa to include innovative cash safety system

Categories : Cash is trust
June 9, 2016
Published in : Africa, Automation, Cash-in-Transit, Retailers, Security
The new Mall of Africa in South Africa will include a cash recycling system in its environment to reduce crime and make the shopping centre safe for business and consumers.
SBV press release

The new Mall of Africa in South Africa will include a cash recycling system in to reduce crime and make the shopping centre safe for business and consumers.

The Mall of Africa, opening in Waterfall Estate, Midrand on 28 April 2016 will be one of the biggest malls in Africa. The increased size of the mall and the subsequent expected trading volumes mean that security is a high priority. In order to keep retailers and consumers safe, the Mall of Africa has appointed cash services and solutions company SBV Services to implement their innovative Shopping Mall Cash Recycling (SMCR) system.

The Mall of Africa is the eighth mall since 2011 to use SBV’s SMCR system and is the biggest installation of the concept to date.

SMCR reduces stockholding of cash and valuables on site and ensures that money is moved in an undetectable way. The system follows a new trend towards holding less cash on premises and deploying fewer guards and guns around shopping centres, which is in line with the Mall of Africa’s aim to be a gun-free zone.

Most shop owners are at highest risk during the movement of cash and valuables into and out of their premises. The SMCR process makes it almost impossible for criminals to work out how and when cash is being moved, and enables businesses and banks to minimise stockholdings on site in order to reduce losses if a robbery were to happen. At the same time, they have the ability to easily access cash if they require more.

The Mall of Africa SMCR installation included over 6km of tubes running throughout the centre. The magnitude of the project was a challenge, but SBV’s Industry Specialist, Derek Hewitt said that it was also one of the smoothest installations the company had completed.

All of the mall’s anchor clients and a total of 35% of retailers in the mall have opted into the system, with increased uptake expected within the first few months of the mall’s launch.

Interest in the SMCR system from property developers has been significant. The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa has published statistics which indicate that from 2011 there has been a 47% to 90% reduction in potential violent crime at malls that use the SMCR system.

SBV’s Executive of Business Transformation, Shaun Nicholls says, “We have been inundated with calls from property developers interested in the system because they see the value of SMCR and its potential to eliminate crime from the retail floor.”

Nicholls says the Mall of Africa chose to partner with SBV Services because it values the safety and security of its customers and tenants. He adds that the SMCR system also gives tenants the best possible banking solution available, with the minimum amount of risk to assets.

New developments to the SMCR system for the Mall of Africa installation included assisting clients that require a large coin holding facility and creating enough space for tenants who wish to make use of SBV’s goods handling facility, where high value or risk items like technology and jewellery are kept until they are required in store.