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Standing up for Cash

Categories : Cash is efficient
April 27, 2016
Published in : Currency, Europe, Privacy and anonymity, Universality, Usage, User-friendly
Doris Schneeberger believes there is no proven link between crime and the use of cash.
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Head of ECB’s currency management division, Doris Schneeberger, made her stance clear during the Future of Cash Conference, held 11-12 April 2016, in Paris. She stated there is “no statistically demonstrable link between crime and the use of cash” – a comment that comes at the height of the EU’s discussions on whether to abolish Europe’s highest denomination banknote, the 500-euro note.


Schneeberger’s arguments are supported by facts. For example, the shadow economy in Sweden is greater than in Germany – and this despite it often being praised as a country on the brink of going cashless. Furthermore, following the financial crisis, there was a net increase in 500-euro note usage in Greece, pointing to another issue: cash being a secure store of value in times of uncertainty.


Alain Gerbier of the Banque de France presented statistics proving an overall growth in cash usage – 6.1% in France and 5.1% in the Eurozone – suggesting that cash is here to stay.


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