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Cash Photography

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A visual peek into the world of cash

CashEssentials, together with the photo contest platform Wipplay, have hosted a number of photo contests throughout the years offering a unique journey in the world of cash and illustrates its numerous social, economic and artistic attributes.

Open to photographers across the globe – both amateurs and professionals, each photo contest has its own theme with the overarching goal of demonstrating cash’s versatility, accessibility and its contribution to a healthy economy:

2017: “Happy Cash, When Cash Connects People
2018: “Cash Me If You Can – The Traveler’s Discreet Companion
2019: “Small Bill, Big Thrill: A Little Cash Goes a Long Way
2020: “Imagine Currency

In total, almost 10,000 entries have been received while an exceptional jury with experts from the fields of money, design and art made their panel selections on a yearly basis.
Below, is a map of selected photo submissions from across the world portraying the artistic dimension of banknotes and coins.