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Who are we?

CashEssentials was launched in February 2018. Our foundational ideas are contained in the white paper “CashEssentials – Beyond Payments”, by CashEssentials chair and founder Guillaume Lepecq, a 20-year cash and payments industry specialist. Since then, we have produced numerous policy-analytical reports and publications by a range of contributing specialists that provide reliable information about cash, the evolution of its use and why.

Our competencies are grounded in the payments industry, but we support a multi-disciplinary approach and exchange of expertise across banking, economics, finance and the social sciences. We are transnational, interacting at both the regional and global level. Our affiliates and partners are payments industry experts, as well as consumer groups, and charities.

Central banks decide on the design and the denomination mix of cash; commercial banks, payment service providers and FinTechs facilitate its distribution via ATMs, bank branches and other channels; as retailers facilitate its acceptance. But it is ultimately the consumer who drives demand for cash, and 85% of payments in the world continue to be made in physical money. This underpins our whole approach, our credo.


CashEssentials is a not-for-profit association registered in France and governed by its statutes. The General Assembly comprising CashEssentials’ members elects a Board and a Chairman, which decide on the strategy and budget.

An independent Steering Committee is appointed by the Board and is responsible for shaping the work programme and evaluating the quality of research.

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AGIS Consulting is an independent strategy consulting company specialised in payment transaction strategies & solutions. AGIS focuses on providing payments professionals with value-added business insight & marketing solutions in the payments value chain. 

Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, SICPA is a privately owned company, providing secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions and services.

The Consumer Choice in Payment Coalition  (CCPC) is a group of businesses and consumer groups that have come together to advocate for consumer choice and for preserving the right of all consumers to use cash to pay for goods and services in the marketplace.

The Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) is a government-owned institution responsible for producing France’s coins.

Reconnaissance International is the leading global source of business intelligence on currency, optical and digital document security, personal identification, authentication and brand protection.

The IBDA is an association for banknote designers run by banknote designers. It is a non-profit-making association registered in Switzerland with a fixed operational structure.