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Why CashEssentials?

Mission Statement 

CashEssentials (CE) is a global, independent think tank, whose mission is to monitor ongoing developments and undertake research and analysis on cash and its future, while providing a platform for balanced inquiry and debate about cash, payments and monetary systems, for the benefit, viability and well-being of all. 

Why Cash, Why CashEssentials? 

Banknotes and coins are a collective good integral to society and its proper functioning, the evolution of cash, therefore, should be shaped collectively; that is, in the joint long-term interest of individuals, businesses, regulators, non-state actors and society. In our view, the future of money is not just a technology issue. It is fundamentally a socio-economic issue: the future of the monetary system should be efficient; fair; inclusive; resilient; sustainable; respectful of individual privacy and include a vision for human betterment. A part of that solution is cash. 

In a rapidly digitising society, we believe in the imperative of keeping cash up-to-date and open to change, as it possesses a set of unique attributes. Cash is non-discriminatory and can be used by everyone; protects individual privacy; is a crisis safe-haven — cash does not crash — and is a friend of the poor and unbanked. 

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Honing Debate on The Future of Money