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The Future of Cash

What future do you want for cash?

Over the past decades, there has been a massive wave of digitalisation, including of money and payments. As in many other industries (music, travel, film, shopping…), the adoption of new technologies has radically changed the organisation, the structure and the perception of the monetary system.

Will cash survive? Will cash be able to resist the successive waves of digitalization, or is it merely a question of time before it becomes part of monetary history?

Should it survive? What value does cash bring to a diversified monetary landscape? Is that value specific to cash or can it be replaced by digital money?

Can we make cash evolve to ensure its future sustainability?

In our view, the Future of Cash is not merely a competition between cash & digital, nor limited to payments only. The discussion should not be focused on technology (form) but rather on the social and economic role (function) of money.

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