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Watch: Pre-paid card payments and settlements amidst natural disasters

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December 12, 2019
Tags : Card payments, Cash, Costs of payments, Crisis
Cash and Crises, a series of financial literacy audiographics by CashEssentials releases its fourth episode with a social mission to support the relief and development community in understanding how cash is managed for society in times of crisis.

Cash and Crises

CashEssentials’ Cash and Crises series is back yet again for it’s fourth episode where we have a chance to discover more about payments using pre-paid (debit) cards. Take a look at the video below to find out who is involved, what processes are required, and uncover long-held industry secrets of how much each step normally costs in the commercial world – and more! 

Find more information on the Cash and Crises series by clicking here  and watch our previous episodes below:


Episode 1: Digital Money

Episode 2: The Role of Central Banks in Disaster Management 

Episode 3: Multiplier Effects


Download the PDF version of the video:

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