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The Cash Cycle in Disasters

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April 23, 2020
Tags : ATM, Cash cycle efficiency, Crisis, Demand
Cash and Crises, a series of financial literacy video series by CashEssentials releases its fifth episode with a social mission to support the relief and development community in understanding how cash is managed for society in times of crisis.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

Ever wondered how the Cash Cycle works? Our latest Cash and Crises episode explains how physical currency is managed in times of a disaster and why it is essential to the proper functioning of the national economy.

The ‘Cash Cycle’ refers to the circulation of cash in the economy after it has been issued by the
central bank.
Trust in the robustness, efficiency and security of the cash cycle is essential to the proper
functioning of the national economy.
The sooner the Cash Cycle is restored after a catastrophe, the sooner economic recovery can
Cash demand increases enormously following a sudden-onset disaster, with the need for lowdenomination
notes remaining higher than normal for some time, usually months.
Cash adds value to society by generating profit for the issuer.
There seems to be a requirement to temporarily expand ATM channels following a disaster.
Aid organisations should contract cash-in-transit operators for last-mile delivery, not carry cash

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Download the PDF version of the video: