Cash possesses unique attributes, which are mostly unmatched by alternative payment instruments. Cash also generates benefits for society that are not directly linked to its payments function
CashEssentials - beyond Payments
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Designed to provide unbiased information about the future of cash, CashEssentials offers a platform for debate on this growing issue. In this growing ecosystem of heterogeneous payment methods, cash remains a form of public money. It is spent by individuals and demand is driven by consumers – it is therefore the public that should have the final word on its evolution. CashEssentials presents daily news, reports, and blog articles on the future of cash while encouraging readers to engage in the debate through comments on the website or via our social media platform. Inspired by Guillaume Lepecq’s white paper Cash Essentials – Beyond Payments, this website’s original content presents extracts of the document that can be used freely by all as long as the source is cited. For more information, visit About Us.