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Cash to make mathematics more attractive

Categories : Cash contributes to education
January 10, 2017
Tags : Australia, Banknote/Note, Usage
Offering relevant, real-world situations while using cash as a payment method helps students better understand and engage in math classes.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

A pilot study led by the Western Sydney University demonstrated that primary school students are more willing to learn math and economics if the classes involve real money and concrete projects. 

The operation started after the release of the “Trends in International Mathematics and Science” study, which ranked Australian students 28th out of 49 countries. The aim was to find a new method to interest children and teenagers in mathematics and help them understand its usefulness in real-life situations. Participants of the pilot classes took part in activities involving coin counting games, the management of a market stall and the promotion of products to raise funds.

Dr. Catherine Attard, leader of the project, noticed a significant change in students’ attitude when faced with more relevant and real-world exercises. Thanks to more concrete activities involving everyday issues such as mortgages, lending and interest rates, most of them were able to understand key economic topics.

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