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Photo Contest is now open!

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September 19, 2018
The time has come to take a snapshot of your most discreet, everyday companion: cash! The 2018 CashEssentials photo contest is now open, from 19 September to 7 November.
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Dust off your cameras, stuff them in your bag, and get out of the house because CashEssentials is back with another photo contest, and this time it will make you travel!

Thanks to the huge popularity and the excellent quality of last year’s submitted photos, CashEssentials has decided to embark on another photographic adventure with cash as a protagonist. Working in collaboration with Wipplay, we have chosen to focus on one of cash’s most discreet attributes: its capacity to follow you on any of your journeys from the jungle to the savannah, from the tundra to the ice shelf.

This year’s theme is “Cash Me If You Can – The Traveler’s Discreet Companion”. When there’s cash in your pocket, there are literally no strings attached: you can stick it in your wallet, your backpack, your phone cover. Hide it under a mattress or with your toiletries. You don’t necessarily think of it, but it’s there when you need it and, what a relief! Because it’s a token of freedom and your best everyday companion or when you’re on the road!

The contest is open to photographers across the globe – amateurs and professionals – and will run from 19th September to 7th November 2018. Participants are free to focus on any aspect of the theme. The aim is to represent the feelings that cash can evoke in your escapades, your relations and your lives.

The jury consists Rémi Noël and Simon Menner. The most unique snapshots will be presented in 2019 and six of the best creations will be awarded a prize (3 winners will be selected by the jury and 3 by the public via an online vote).

Don’t hesitate to share this information with your talented friends and acquaintances that might be interested in the challenge; or you might even want to try your luck by participating!

For more information, please visit the contest’s official website by clicking here.

This post is also available in: Spanish