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A connected piggy bank to teach money management

Categories : Cash connects people, Cash contributes to education
March 1, 2017
Tags : Cash, Education, Europe, User-friendly
France's La Poste recently presented a prototype connected piggy bank at the Las Vegas Consumer Technology Association. The piggy bank is designed to help teach kids how to manage their money in a fun an modern way.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

France’s postal service company, La Poste, developed Monimalz – a connected piggy bank that was presented at the Las Vegas Consumer Technology Association in January this year.

Characterised by a modern design and the ability to personalise it into a shape of a whale, a sun or a robot, this piggy bank connects to both the parents’ and the children’s smartphone. Every time the child receives a gift in cash, he or she can drop it into the connected box that will immediately display the total balance on all the connected phones as well as on the piggy bank’s own display.

MonimalzCredit: David Legrand

The other advantage of Monimalz is that it allows parents to set a list of chores (like doing the dishes, cleaning the room), a timeframe to complete them and the pocket money to be earned. If the chore is completed on time, the parents validate it and the pocket money is automatically credited to the piggy bank.

For the younger ones, the piggy bank’s app provides educational games teaching them how to appropriately manage a budget. The price is yet to be defined as the piggy bank is still in its prototype phase.

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