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Cardtronics learns from younger generations

Categories : Cash connects people
August 4, 2016
Tags : ATMs, Design, Innovation, Security
ATM provider Cardtronics invited 7-year-old inventor to learn about his new cash machine a few days after organizing a competition among product design students.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

Earlier this month, ATM provider Cardtronics organized a competition for product design students from Hertfordshire University (UK), inviting them to present their vision of the “ATM of the future”.

Many proposals aimed to improve the security of ATMs, for example by changing the shape of the dispenser to avoid the risks of cash-trapping. The student who led this project explained that it would be harder for criminals to integrate any kind of cash-trapping device if the dispenser was built like a disk feeder. Other students focused on the opportunities mobile phone applications could offer.

A few days later, Cardtronics’s Head of Product and Innovation, Paul Taylor, welcomed a special guest invited by: 7-year-old Emlyn who wanted to present his new ATM model. The young inventor designed his first ATM when he was 4. His most recent machine is made of LEGO bricks and is driven by a small Raspberry Pi computer. Engineers present during the demonstration marveled at the simplicity of the machine, which contains only six buttons, a screen, a numeric keypad and an NFC device to read the customer’s card. Demonstrating his attention to detail, Emlyn made sure that the banknotes delivered by the LEGO dispenser contain his face on the front side. 

Paul Taylor stated that creativity is crucial when it comes to designing machines, and that the simplest ideas are sometimes the most efficient. He concluded by adding that “cash and cash machines are here to stay – for many more generations”.

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