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Christmas 2016 gets an early cash boost

Categories : Cash is efficient, Cash is the most widely used payment instrument
December 20, 2016
Tags : ATM, Demand, United Kingdom
In the UK, cash withdrawals increased by 7% in December 2016.

LINK, the UK’s ATM network reports that the first four days of December saw an increase in LINK cash withdrawals of £121million (7%) to total of £1.8billion, when compared to last year1.

John Howells, LINK CEO said: “These figures show that cash usage is up as consumers go out determined to enjoy the festive season. This extra money being withdrawn from ATMs is great news for small shops, pubs and restaurants as a lot of cash is used for general discretionary spending associated with going out and attending Christmas celebrations.”

(1) Figures adjusted to allow for days of the week