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Cabify to accept cash in Chile

February 21, 2018
The Spanish ride-hailing app, Cabify, is expanding its cash payments acceptance scheme, including Chile on the list after Colombia, Peru, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
Communication Team

Chileans will now be able to settle their fare in cash, announced the Spanish ride-hailing company, Cabify. After successfully implementing the same strategy in Colombia, Peru, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, the vehicle for hire app is expanding its payments options offer. Predominantly present in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, Cabify is active in 11 countries and 38 cities.

Cabify Chile’s General Manager Agustín Guilisasti explained that this decision was motivated by a desire to expand its reach and provide its users with an alternative transportation method that is relevant, safe and secure for all.

The app has also been updated to respond to greater security needs, including the verification of each user’s personal data and cross-checking them with their ID card.