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The Future of Cash Seminar (Santiago, Chile, June 3, 2024)

Categories : Future of Cash
May 16, 2024
Tags : Chile, Future Monetary Landscape, Future of Cash conference, Latin America
CashEssentials will hold a one-day seminar on the future of cash on 3 June in Santiago, Chile, in association with the High-Security Printing Conference Latin America.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

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The seminar will focus on understanding the changing cash environment and what stakeholders are doing to optimise the cash cycle and ensure cash’s future viability and sustainability. It brings together all stakeholders to discuss new strategies for shaping the cash ecosystem of the future.

Antti Heinonen, former Director of Banknotes at the ECB, and Guillaume Lepecq, founder of the CashEssentials Think Tank, will lead the seminar.

The seminar will address three key questions:

In addition, Round Table Conversations will offer the opportunity to debate the burning questions, ranging from declining transactional demand for cash, to the need for a more resilient cash cycle in a multi-crisis environment, or the loss of privacy in a less-cash environment. Participants will be invited to deploy their collective intelligence to assess and discuss some of the key challenges and opportunities facing the future of cash.

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This post is also available in: Spanish