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Protecting security workers

Categories : Cash is efficient, Innovation contributes to the efficiency of cash
May 25, 2018
Tags : Cash-in-Transit, France, Security
Brink's and Beepiz have joined forces to better protect security workers.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

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Security services company Brink’s announced a partnership with Beepiz, a smartphone app especially designed for security workers. Launched in 2017, the app has since been improved to meet the specific needs of lone employees that that are sent on the ground.

From April 1st 2018, Brink’s personnel in France now benefit from an immediate protection directly from their phone. The system detects abnormal immobility, loss of verticality or a fall via a set of integrated sensors. The app is equipped with an SOS button as well as a silent “aggression” button which can be used in case of an attack on the employee.

With a growing number of cash transportation companies that make use of banknote neutralization systems (IBNS), security workers are generally safer. But thanks to this new smartphone technology, individuals will be protected at all times with a direct link to assistance, particularly in case of an attack.

A free version also exists for independent security workers or small business professionals and is available for download on Android’s Play Store.

This post is also available in: Spanish