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Cash Glossary: from Acquiring Bank to War on Cash

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January 13, 2021
Tags : Definitions, Dictionary, Glossary
This glossary is designed first and foremost as an educational tool. It aims to help the cash community use the right word in the right situation.

It also aims to serve as a bridge between all those who are involved in the design, production, issuance, distribution, transportation, handling and destruction of banknotes and coins. By using a common language and terminology, we hope to contribute to bring the cash community closer together.

This is a collective work and CashEssentials would like to express its gratitude to the contributors. Dario Negueruela allowed us to use the excellent and very comprehensive Diccionario de la Gestión del Efectivo as a starting point. Antti Heinonen and Guillaume Lepecq reviewed and edited the translation and added some terms. James Shepherd-Barron contributed to terms used in the humanitarian world.

This first edition is the starting point. We welcome your contributions either for new words or suggestions for edits to existing definitions.