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Tap-and-go fraud on the rise

Categories : Cash is trust
October 11, 2016
Tags : Electronic, Fraud, Mobile Payments, Trust
Tap-and-go payment systems are showing the first signs of fraud, pushing Interpol to recommend smartphone and touchless manufacturers to take action.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

Interpol’s annual Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment report warns Android mobile wallet users to be vigilant. Near Field Communication (NFC) payment systems are starting to be victims of fraud, particularly for Android users.

Apple’s iPhone doesn’t allow third party apps to use a device’s NFC chip, contrary to Google’s Android, which makes it easier for fraudsters to corrupt.

This shouldn’t push users to stop using Android Pay, it simply asks them to be vigilant to any unusual transactions. Furthermore, Interpol recommends “that smartphone and touchless payment terminal manufacturers take action to design out security flaws”.

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