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UK introduces world’s most secure coin

Categories : Cash is trust
May 23, 2017
Tags : Coins, Security features, Technology, United Kingdom
The Royal Mint recently issued its new £1 coin incorporating sophisticated security features.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación
On March 28, the Royal Mint introduced the new £1. The 12-sided coin will replace the current round £1 and integrates a sophisticated security feature usually used only on banknotes. According to the Royal Mint, the new pound might thus be the world’s most secure coin . 
The coin is made of two different metals and incorporates micro-lettering on both sides, as well as a latent image showing either a “£” or a “1” when the coin is tilted. In addition, its distinctive shape makes it instantly recognisable especially for the visually impaired. 
Andrew Mills – Director of UK Royal Mint for circulating coins – did not provide details about the special feature but stated that it can be authenticated by the central bank’s high-speed automated machines. The feature is believed to be used by the banknote industry for about 20 years and belongs to the 3rd and most secure category of security features. Andrew Mills stated that the new coin may well be more secure than several low-denomination banknotes issued in the world.
The UK is not the only country to innovate in the coin industry. A few months ago, the Deutsche Bundesbank announced the manufacturing of a commemorative €5 coin made of two different copper nickel alloys and incorporating a translucent polymer ring. 
To read Central Banking’s article [paywall], please click here.