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ATMfutura ready to be deployed in Switzerland

Categories : Cash is trust
August 7, 2017
Tags : ATMs, Commercial bank, Innovation, Switzerland
Swiss banks are testing a unique software platform that could be implemented in all ATMs across the country.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

Earlier this year, SIX Group – a financial services provider that operates the infrastructure of Switzerland’s financial center – announced the development of a unique vendor-neutral software platform to be implemented in all ATMs across the country. The project named ATMfutura is now ready for the pilot phase and will be tested by selected Swiss banks starting this summer through the end of the year. The system is provided by NCR Corporation – leading provider of multivendor ATM software worldwide.

ATMfutura is a pioneering project in Europe. It will enable banks to simplify their operations by providing these with one single user interface on all their cash machines. In addition, the platform will provide customers with new functionalities, such as mobile cash withdrawals using a QR code, the possibility to choose between different denominations and a voice-guided assistance for the visually impaired. Furthermore, the implementation of a unique platform will allow for faster updates and a reduction of costs.

The new system is set to replace the more than 20 solutions currently used by various vendors in Swiss ATMs. Paul Thuer – Country Manager at NCR Switzerland – is confident that the project might serve as an example for other countries in the future. The software platform should be available to all Swiss ATMs by the beginning of 2018.

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