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Cash is king for French tourists

Categories : Cash facilitates budgetary control, Cash is efficient
March 8, 2018
Tags : Cash, Cost of transactions, France
Tourists love to carry cash, particularly the French regardless of their love of cards. Cash helps them manage their finances and avoids any additional fees when making purchases.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

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Managing one’s budget during travel is of utmost concern for French tourists, The Global Travel Intention Study. Indeed, this study carried out by Visa unveils how the French are so fearful of over-spending that 96% of them choose to use cash over anything else when abroad – 21 percentage points higher than global data (77%). But what is most interesting is that when at home, the French are some of the greatest fans of card payments in Europe.

This behavior indicates that there is a certain feeling of reassurance linked to cash payments that other payment tools are unable to equal. Many studies point in that direction, showing that cash can actually benefit consumers who face difficulties managing their budgets or simply to help them spend less.

Visa’s marketing director in France confirms that French consumers feel more in control of their finances when abroad. But another reason could also be linked to the high commissions imposed by banks when cards are used outside of the Eurozone. These fees can increase a traveler’s budget by up to 3%, an unnecessary cost that can be easily avoided when paying in cash.

This post is also available in: Spanish