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Cash & Payments Sustainability Forum

Categories : Cash is Sustainable
November 2, 2022
Tags : Cash, environmental footprint, Payments, Sustainability
Sustainability is a hot topic.  But what does it mean for cash and for the cash community?
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

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Sustainability is a hot topic. Even if COP 27 was not about to start in Egypt, environmental sustainability has been a major theme this year. But what does it mean for cash and the cash industry? The Mint Directors Working Group (Europe) has commissioned a payments LCA which will be ready in October 2023. The ECB is expected to publish its research into the environmental footprint of banknotes.

In the meantime, central banks and cash stakeholders need to continue their work to reduce the environmental impact of cash. The Cash & Payments Sustainability Forum in Edinburgh, starting on 14th November, aims to help all stakeholders with that task.

The big topics around environmental sustainability are,

All this and more will be covered at the Forum. The agenda for the Forum can be found here.

This post is also available in: Spanish