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Coins for charity

Categories : Cash connects people, Cash is the first step of financial inclusion
January 5, 2017
Tags : Coins, Europe, Humanitarian, North America
Coins play an important role in donations to charities.
Guillaume Lepecq

According to the legend, when you turn your back to the Trevi fountain in Rome and throw a coin over your left shoulder, you are guarateed a return trip to Rome. Besides the romantic aspect of the story, this tradition has very concrete implications for the poor. The charity Caritas is said to collect over a million euros per year or €3,000 per night, which are dedicated to food and social programmes for those in need.

In Las Vegas, the lake in front of the famed Bellagio generated over $12,000 in 2012, which was donated to the Habitat for Humanity charity. The nearby four fountains, at the Ceasars, turn up $10,000 a year on average which go to the Simon Youth Foundation, which award scholarships.

In France, the central bank is a partner in the Pièces Jaunes – yellow coins – operation, whereby children are invited to collect coins, which are dedicated to improving the lives of children in hospital. In 2016, the Banque de France collected and sorted 168 tonnes of coins amounting to €1.9 million.