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Dirty Money: How clean are cash, cards and coins?

Categories : Cash generates security
July 10, 2019
Tags : ATM, Banknotes, Card payments, Cash, Coins
‘Dirty Money’ has never gotten as literal as this. Do you ever just wonder how clean cash, cards and coins are? LendEDU did and they share exactly how!
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Everyday we’re handling payments. Be it in the form of cash, cards or coins; from paying for our groceries at the cashier to handing spare change to street buskers – our fingers, at one point or another, will come in contact with them. But do you ever wonder exactly what you’re getting your hands on? Student Loan Refinancing company LendEDU did and they tell us exactly how.


Man holding brown wallet to take out cash and credit card


Using a scientific device that tests for the amount of germs on a given surface, the LendEDU team tested just how dirty cash, debit/credit cards and coins are. Their research found that:

Based on the overall results, debit and credit cards turned out to be the dirtiest payment method. Interestingly enough, a 2014 Europe-wide MasterCard study found two thirds of people think touching or using money is unhygienic, but only one in five Europeans wash their hands after coming in contact with it.

It’s highly unlikely that our paying habits will change dramatically anytime soon. But it goes without being said that practicing good hygiene could – and, well, should be changed accordingly. Find a more detailed report by LendEDU and check out their informative infographic here.


This post is also available in: Spanish