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French bank with a humanitarian instinct

Categories : Cash is trust
July 18, 2017
Tags : Commercial bank, Europe, Humanitarian
PayPal and Crédit Mutuel agreed to close the account of extremist group Génération identitaire, who was raising funds to finance sabotage operations in the Mediterranean.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación
In early June, the French extreme-right fringe group Génération identitaire (identity Generation) launched a fundraising campaign via PayPal to finance acts of sabotage against rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea. The project named “Defend Europe” was set to prevent migrants from reaching European shores by destroying rescue boats. According to Buzz Feed information, various organisations, and especially the SomOfUs collective, launched a petition to force the online payment company to close the account, which had already raised €65,000. 
After several days of mobilisation, PayPal finally agreed to freeze the funds and return them to the extremist group who rapidly transferred them to a newly created account at the French bank Crédit Mutuel. Another petition – which collected more than 37,000 signatures – convinced the bank to take radical measures (which go against the French monetary and financial Code) and close the account without notice. 
SomOfUs officials congratulated the financial institution on its decision, which is viewed as a symbolic victory. The collective considers that no bank should ever accept to be used as an intermediary to finance activities that put people’s lives in danger, a statement with which the Crédit Mutuel seems to agree. A campaign has also been launched in the US to urge Visa, MasterCard and PayPal to stop providing financial services to nationalist groups around the world.
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