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Indian post office to provide cash services

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May 31, 2017
Tags : Asia, ATM, India, Innovation, Payments competition
India's postal department is innovating its services and will now provide home delivery of cash and increase access to services to the disabled or people in rural areas.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

India’s post offices will soon introduce additional services to attract new customers while also facilitating access to cash for senior citizens, people living in rural areas and the disabled. Novelties include mini ATMs, cash delivery at home and cardless cash withdrawals. Indeed, customers will simply have to call their post office and wait for the postman, who will deliver the requested amount of money along with the mail. Post office officials announced an increase in staff to implement these services successfully.

Moreover, the postal department will also provide banking services and will offer cheque books for each new savings account. Unlike banks, and to attract customers, the Indian Post office will offer withdrawals without restrictions. Postal banking accounts will be managed online through the Rural Integrated Communication Technology (RICT) platform.

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