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Need cash at 4,693m? Find it in Pakistan

Categories : Cash is universal
September 16, 2016
Tags : Asia, ATM, Demand, Widespread
The National Bank of Pakistan installed the world's highest ATM machine on Khunjerab Pass, at 4,693m (15,397 feet).
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

You never know when and where you might need some cash, so the National Bank of Pakistan decided to remedy that and proceed with the installation ATM machines in one of the most remote places of this large country: on Khunjerab Pass in Northern Pakistan. The pass, located at an altitude of 4,693m (or 15,397 feet) borders China’s Xinjiang region.

This is the highest paved international border crossing in the world and it will now also be the highest Pass to be equipped with its own ATM. The cash machine will be powered by its own generator and will be accessible only during daytime hours. The machine has been especially developed to withstand subzero temperatures.

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Photo: Daily Pakistan