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Netherlands to promote improved cash cycle

Categories : Cash is a public good, Cash is trust
June 6, 2018
Tags : Cash cycle efficiency, Central Bank, Netherlands
The Dutch National Bank (DNB) published its strategy for the next three years and it includes an improved cash cycle, payment structure innovation and overall system improvements.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

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The Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch National Bank) released its Payments Strategy for 2018-2021 on June 5th. The central bank speaks of fostering innovation and its desire to improve payment processing. Three major objectives are cited for the coming years:

The DNB clearly states that it is not pursuing a cashless payments system and that it will continue to support cash as a central tool for Dutch society.

The DNB is pursuing an instant payments solution in collaboration with the country’s financial institutions, which will hopefully be launched in the coming years. This system will most likely include distributed ledger technology – the foundation of bitcoin – in order to reduce costs and improve processing speed.  

This post is also available in: Spanish