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Traveling through banknotes: World Tourism Day

September 24, 2018
CashEssentials will showcase a selection of banknotes from some of the most visited places of the world during the week of 24-28 September in honour of the UNWTO's World Tourism Day. Don't miss the striking images on our Instagram and Facebook feeds!
Communication Team

Cash is the most accessible and universal payment method, which explains why it’s an indispensable companion for our globetrotting adventures. It’s no wonder that many tourists choose to carry cash when on holiday as it helps them better manage their budget and avoid exorbitant card fees. But cash can also be the first contact with our destination: when we exchange our currency for another, we are introduced to a compact work of art that depicts a nation’s historic milestones and values.

In honor of the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) World Tourism Day, celebrated annually on September 27th, CashEssentials has decided to take you on a virtual journey across some of the world’s most remarkable sights for the week of 24-28 September. The UNTWO’s mission is to promote responsible tourism that is sustainable and accessible to all. Indeed, travel broadens our horizons and allows us familiarize with other cultures and traditions.

Don’t miss this chance to travel with us and discover a selection of spectacular designs. Get a glimpse of some of these fascinating places by visiting our Facebook and Instagram pages this week!

And if you like to travel and take photos, remember that the “Cash Me if You Can – A Traveler’s Discreet Companion” photo contest is now open and accepting submissions until November 7th.