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The International Use of the Euro – ECB

Categories : Cash is universal
June 13, 2016
Tags : Banknote/Note, Central Bank, Demand, Europe
Monthly shipments of euro banknotes outside the euro area remained broadly stable in 2015 and represents approximately €180 billion.
Guillaume Lepecq

The ECB has released its annual interim report on the international role of the euro covering the year 2015.

The report stresses that in a context of heightened global economic uncertainty, the euro remained the second most important currency in the international monetary system but with a significant gap to the US dollar.

With regard to banknotes, the report shows that net monthly shipments outside the euro area remained broadly stable in 2015. This follows a 4-year period of continued growth. In January 2016, the cumulated shipment of euro banknotes represents approximately € 180 billion.