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US notes in circulation increased by 6.2% in value in 2015 – Federal Reserve System Annual Report

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June 1, 2016
Tags : Banknote/Note, Cash management software, Central Bank, Demand, North America, US
The value of notes in circulation increased by nearly 6.2% in 2015 to $ 1,380 billion. Demand for $100 notes grew by 6.7%. Demand for $1 and $20 grew by 4.2%.
Guillaume Lepecq

The US Federal Reserve has released its 102nd Annual Report for the year 2015.

The report includes some interesting statistics on currency and coin (p. 96).

The report also mentions that in 2016, the Federal Reserve will pursue the deployment of a new cash automation platform – CashForward – that will replace legacy software, to better meet the cash industry’s needs and facilitate business continuity and contingency planning.