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Research Project: Is Cash a Basic Right or a Public Good?

Categories : Cash is a public good
July 7, 2023
Tags : Basic Right, Cash, Public good
To pursue its policy research on the future of money and the role of cash in the future monetary landscape, CashEssentials has an exciting opportunity for a Researcher in an international, interdisciplinary and impactful area.

This research project aims to frame the discussion on cash as a public good, a public infrastructure and a fundamental right. Against its unique characteristics, does cash qualify as a public good? As a fundamental right? Discuss the policy implications regarding access to and acceptance of cash, the resilience of the cash cycle, and the organisation and funding of the cash cycle.

The nature of money has been accelerating with new forms and new money issuers. Yet, cash continues to play a prominent role in the monetary mix globally, even if its relative economic importance varies significantly from country to country.

The resilience of cash in an increasingly digital monetary landscape is arguably due to its specific and unrivalled attributes: cash is universal and equally available to all regardless of age, gender, income, nationality or ethnicity; cash increases resilience by acting as a critical exchange mechanism and ‘safe haven’ in times of crisis; being anonymous – and therefore private – cash protects our civil liberties; as an element of critical national infrastructure, it creates a system of checks and balances between central banks, governments, financial institutions, and the people.

Can the competition between cash and alternative forms of money be left to market forces alone? A growing number of countries are adopting policies to ensure continued access and acceptance of cash, including, in some cases, enshrining a right to cash in the constitution.


Literature Review

Literature review and methodological framework. An interdisciplinary approach, with insights from

  • Economics
  • Sociology and anthropology of money
  • Law and public policy

Research Seminar in Istanbul

The literature Review will be presented at a research Seminar in Istanbul on 6. November, during the Future of Cash Conference.

This seminar will bring together researchers from academia and central banks to discuss the issue and the implications for the organization of the cash cycle.

 Drafting of a White Paper

Following the research seminar, draft a white paper summarising the discussions and formulating recommendations.

These tasks should be finalized within six months.

Qualifications and Applications

Further information about the position can be obtained from

Preferred education/experience

    • PhD or Master’s Degree in economics, business, sociology or related field OR
    • 2-3 years of successful experience working at an international economic institute, think tank or similar.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Fluent English.
    • Superior interpersonal, public speaking and written communication skills,
    • Ability to work autonomously and take appropriate initiative,
    • Excellent organization skills, attention to detail and time management (including the ability to meet deadlines).
    • Ability to work remotely and travel as needed.

Send your application together with a detailed CV until July 31 to The project should start in August 2023.

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