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The Future of Cash Conference – Istanbul, November 6-8, 2023

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April 6, 2023
Tags : CashTech, Future of Cash, Public good
The Future of Cash Conference (Istanbul, November 6-8, 2023) will bring together stakeholders to discuss new strategies to design the cash cycle of the future.
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The Future of Cash conference typically attracts delegates from central banks, financial institutions, retailers, cash management companies, technology providers and suppliers. It focuses on understanding the changing cash environment and what stakeholders are doing to optimise the cash cycle and ensure cash’s future viability and sustainability. The key objective is to discuss, debate and design new strategies for creating the cash cycle of the future.

The 2023 event will feature unique, novel and interactive sessions.

Shaping the Future of Cash

The Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria have demonstrated to all the importance of cash in times of crisis and the stabilising effect it plays on the economy. However, the pandemic has also turbo-charged the shift from cash for transactions. This, in turn, has accelerated the closure of bank branches and ATMs, making it more difficult and expensive to pay or receive payment in cash.

Some countries and institutions are taking measures to safeguard the cash infrastructure, which is a step in the right direction. The conference will invite key players to share their vision of ensuring a viable cash ecosystem. Safeguarding the infrastructure is, however, far from enough, as the situation has already deteriorated in many countries.

To preserve cash for those who need it and those who want it, it is necessary to re-imagine the cash cycle. This includes – but is not limited to – guaranteeing a regulatory framework that ensures access to cash for all and its acceptance; redesigning the critical infrastructure to distribute and collect cash; combining existing and alternative cash distribution channels – Cashtech, cash-in-shop, cashback, bank hubs; widespread public education campaign which ensures all citizens – and regulators – fully understand the social and economic role of cash. Highly interactive sessions, using collective intelligence, will invite participants to imagine and challenge possible and desirable futures for cash.

CashTech Innovation Awards

CashTech is the encounter of cash and technology. It brings together innovative companies that leverage software and modern communications technology to improve cash services – including access for consumers and businesses, facilitating the acceptance of cash by retailers across all channels, and enhancing cash’s overall efficiency, resilience and sustainability.

The CashTech Innovation Awards will celebrate the tremendous advances in harnessing digital technology to ensure an accessible, reliable and sustainable future for cash.

To submit a nomination, click here.

Research Seminar on Cash as a Public Good or a Basic Right

During this seminar, researchers and academics will be invited to frame the discussion on cash as a public good, a public infrastructure and a fundamental right.

This is not just a semantic debate between economists and researchers. It has far-reaching implications on the organisation of the cash cycle, including:

The seminar will be held on Monday, 6 November, and is open to all conference participants.

Call For Papers

We welcome proposals for presentations and papers. Please submit a presentation summary and a working title, speaker name, organisation and position. Proposals will be accepted until Friday, 31 May 2023. 

To submit a paper, click here.


This post is also available in: Spanish