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Withdrawing cash is becoming easier

Categories : Cash is efficient
August 2, 2016
Tags : ATMs, Ease of use, Mobile phone, Technology
Customers might be able to retrieve cash simply with a smartphone and fingerprint as Touch ID technology will be provided to many ATMs in the US.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

Banking and payments technology specialists Fidelity Information Services (FIS) and ATM provider Payment Alliance International (PAI) have recently announced a partnership to provide Touch ID technology to 70,000 ATMs in retail locations across the United States. This will allow customers to simply withdraw money with a smartphone and fingerprint.

A similar technology is already available and allows people to retrieve cash without a plastic card via a smartphone application. In this case, the customer orders the withdrawal online and uses a QR code to authenticate his/her request at the ATM, which then dispenses the requested amount of money. However, the new offer arising from the partnership will allow people to easily authenticate themselves with their fingerprint via Touch ID technology originally developed by Apple. This new service is more convenient and especially more secure as customers will avoid card skimming threats.

A growing number of banks, such as JP Morgan Chase or Bank of America, have already implemented mobile technology to their withdrawal process and plan to make their ATMs compatible with Apple Pay in the coming years.

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